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Dr. Yvonne Weisz provides individualized, compassionate eye care for patients of all ages in Rancho Cucamonga, California. From children to seniors, Dr. Weisz understands that every patient at every stage of life has unique needs. The team at Lifetime Eyecare Optometry helps patients maintain the best eye health possible, for a lifetime. Call or book online to schedule your checkup.

Children's & Senior's Vision

Why Do Seniors and Children Require Special Eye Care?

Children and seniors have special eye health care requirements because both after birth and as you age, your eyes and vision change more rapidly.

Children’s eyes are still developing, and eye complications, even minor, can impede learning. Seniors are more at risk for a variety of eye health complications that are more common and often induced by aging.

Diseases or even certain medications can cause vision problems in seniors. It’s especially important for seniors to maintain good eye health since poor vision can cause them to fall over and risk injury.

Dr. Weisz has years of experience in providing specialized eye care to children, seniors, and everyone in between.

How Often Should Seniors Have an Eye Exam?

Adults over age 60 should be sure to get an annual comprehensive eye exam. If you have a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, or certain eye diseases, it’s especially important you don’t miss your annual checkup to ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

At your visit, be sure to mention if you’ve noticed any changes in your vision and if you have any concerns. Look out for signs such as light sensitivity, trouble focusing, dizziness, blurred vision, and contrast sensitivity, or difficulty distinguishing an image from its background.

Dr. Weisz will take the time to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

How Often Should Children Have an Eye Exam?

Children should have their first eye exam when they’re six months old. During this exam, Dr. Weisz will look for any genetic eye health and vision complications that need to be treated early.

The second exam should be when they’re around three years old, to check on their eye and vision development and ensure everything looks normal.

The third exam should be scheduled when children are six years old, and every two years following that through their childhood and adolescence unless eye complications require more frequent visits.

For vision and eye care for all ages, call or book online to visit Dr. Weisz. The whole family is welcome.